50 kg/  hour  capacity incinerators

·        Burning Rate: 50kos/hr

·        Feed Capacity:  150kqs

·        Primary  Combustion  Chamber:  900 liters

·        Secondary  Combustion  Chamber:  300 liters

·        Mix Combustion  Chamber:  Yes

·        Smoke Filter Chamber:  Yes

·        Feed Mode: Manual

·        Power: 0.7Kw

·        Fuel Type: Diesel Oil/ Natural Gas/LPG

·        Internal Dimensions:  120 x 90 x 85cm (primary  chamber)

·        External  Dimensions:  200 x 160 x 310cm (without  chimney)

·        Burning  Efficiency:  >98%

small  scale medical waste  incinerators.The required burning capacity of those incinerators are 10 kg and 15 kg/hr .The fuel oil using for those incinerator is diesel oil .

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