incinerator for medical waste



The incinerator for medical waste must be designated for the destruction of all types of waste produced by the Center for Health (waste type hospital, clinic, medical laboratory for destructive capacity of 30kg / h) .

Pyrolytic gasification combustion control shall:

? Prevent development of black smoke and dust formation tine loading of waste;
? Provide regular and complete combustion of the waste;
? Provide controlled guaranteeing the absence of color, cloud of smoke or burning odor;
? Allow limited fuel consumption

The incinerator with pyrolytic combustion must have:

a. Combustor:

– Chamber strong steel support legs sheet;
– The lining is made of refractory bricks and a thermal insulation ensuring a minimum temperature of the sheet;
– The sole combustion is composed of a refractory lining specially designed to meet the thermal, mechanical and corrosive liquid waste requirements and molten glass;
– The dimensions of the floor are equipped laterally primary air nozzles that fuel combustion;
– The hearth is equipped with a stirring system of waste combustion is controlled switch;
– The recovery operation of the ashes will take place once a day line before starting the day’s operation.

Composition of the refractory lining:
* Insulation:
– Operating temperature:             1000 ° C max
– Nature:                    Calcium Silicate
– Thickness:                    80 mm
* Refractory:
– Operating temperature:             1650 ° C max
– Nature:                    Refractory bricks with 42 alumina
– Thickness:                    110mm

Burner combustion:

– The combustion chamber is equipped with a burner to line to ensure correct temperature for the total destruction of waste combustion;
– Automatic monobloc burner and flame plunge equipped with an electronic ignition system and permanent ventilation.
Air fan:
– A primary air and secondary air fan provides the necessary oxygen delivery
– There is a motor operated valve that controls the flow according to the combustion.
– The pressure of the fan is 500 mm CE to pierce the mass of waste during combustion.

b. Post – combustion chamber:

– Treat the gas has a minimum temperature of 1100 ° C with a minimum residence time of two seconds the afterburner is to;
– A secondary air injection is expected and provides perfect oxygen content;
– The burner ensures a minimum temperature of 1100 ° C continuous;
– The design of this burner is similar to combustion burners;
– The afterburner is equipped with access doors in order to ensure regular cleaning of dust;
– The afterburner is lined with high thermal insulation with a thickness of 150 mm

c. Cabinet, control and regulation:
– The entire installation will conform to European standards (EU)
– The electrical power is 220V 50Hz single phase.
– Regulators of temperature with digital display:
? 1 to regulate the temperature of the combustion chamber
? 1 for controlling the temperature of the afterburner
? The manual controls are provided on each item.


Description    Dimensions
Destructive capacity    30 Kg / hour
Operation    12h/24, 6d / 7
Fuel    diesel oil
Chimney    Height: 5m, Diameter: 280mm
Volume of combustion

chamber Combustion: 0.3 m3
Post combustion: 0.2m3
Mixed combustion chamber: 0.3m3
. Combustion
. Afterburner
900 ° C
1100 ° C

0.11 KW
0.11 KW0

Fan power    0.37 kW

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