large animal incinerators

large animal incinerators

Animal diseases, new virus strains and spread of infectious diseases are only few of the consequences of improper animal waste treatment. Incineration is the way forward for Bio-secure waste disposal. large animal incinerators is recognized as a most efficient solution for significant risk reduction in animal waste management.

※Main Feature:
— Three Combustion Chamber
— Double Italy Burner
–Burning Rate: 12-360kgs per hour
–Combustion Chamber: 0.2M3-5.5M3
※Optional Function/Parts/Material/Burning Rate:
— Stainless Steel Chimney
— Dry Smoke Filter Chamber
— Additional Burner
— Movable Platform Feeding Door
— 3-Section Wet Scrubber System
— Chimney Height Custom Made
— Upgrade/Downgrade Burning Rate

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