medical was incinerators Department of Wellness

university hospital waste administration group at a tertiary care health center,1250 beeded hsopital.

our everyday waste developed from all sources is 0.55 kg/bed/day =685kg/day

we require an incinerator of 150kg/hour filling up capacity.

plz reply with, acquiring, installment, running along with upkeep cost.incinerators, particularly, clinical was heaters
The specification of the Heater is as detailed below:

Needs of Heater

1. Need to have prep work, Incineration, Scrubber actions to thaw waste totally as well as likewise waste gas need to be non-polluted

2. Ash must be just 5% of the waste material


our day-to-day waste created from all resources is 0.55 kg/bed/day =685kg/day

we need a burner of 150kg/hour filling up ability. The specification of the Heater is as listed below:

Requirements of Burner

1. Should have preparation, Incineration, Scrubber actions to thaw waste completely and additionally waste gas require to be non-polluted


9. 1 year service warranty

10. ISO Licensed

11. Mobile Burner

12. Electric

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