HICLOVER Needle Incinerators-Syringe and Destroyer-Needle Destroyer

1. For clinic,lab, small hospital with low waste output capacity, no condition with other medical waste treatment(Underdeveloped country or area, or emergency situations ).
2. Doctor, nurse treat the syringes, needle, infusion set immediately after use, plug to play, no dispersion risk.
3. melting the syringes needle with 1250Celsius high temperature to metal slag, sterilization immediately. Destroy syringes, infusion set, can not use again.
Medical Needle Incinerator: Melt the needle waste, cut off syring tube with needle, cut off the infusion tube.
Model SYC19, Price: $110usd/set, MOQ: 5 sets.
EXW factory term(donot including shipping cost)
Purchase email:  [email protected]
Qustion1: If request 1-4 set only, how to do?
Answer: We will plus $50-$200usd fee per order.
Qustion2: If request more than 5 sets only, any discount?
Answer: We will  supply discount quotation accordingly.

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